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About our English Language Summer course 2022

Are you spending the Summer in London or do you want to learn English on a short-term basis? Queen's English Language School has been offering Summer English courses for over 21 years!

Our English language Summer courses are perfect for students who would like to learn and develop their English skills on a casual basis during the Summer months.

When does the Summer 2022 English language course start and end?

The Summer English language course here at Queen's English Language School, runs from June 1st to August 28th of each year

What is the minimum age requirement to enrol for the Summer 2022 English course?

Our 2022 Summer English course is available for only for students aged 17+. We plan to extend or courses to students aged 13 to 16 restarting from Summer 2023.

How much is it?

The total price of the course depends on how many hours and weeks you study with us. As an example, 15 a week courses are £180 per week and 25 h a week courses are £ 275 a week.

Below are the prices of all of our English courses (*please add the correct administration fee as stated*).

What will I learn on a Summer Course?

Summer courses are based on active participation between students and focus on speaking fluency, correct pronunciation, vocabulary learning and listening skills. There is of course a component of reading, writing and grammar where appropriate. The teachers plan the content and delivery of these courses according to the number of students and how long the course is.

Do I have to buy a book to attend a Summer Course?

The school adapts its current resources to the delivery of short courses , therefore a traditional course book is not required although for courses of at least 1 month the school uses what we call a ‘split‘ version (shorter version) of a course book that is designed specifically for short courses.

What is the recommended number of weeks to attend the Summer 2022 English language course and are you able to transfer onto another course after the course ends?

The recommended number of weeks to attend the Summer 2022 English language course is in the range of one to four weeks but you can of course attend for the whole duration of our Summer course.

What is the maximum number of hours per week that you can study on the Summer 2022 English language course?

Each English Summer course daily session is 3 hours or 5 hours (with a 15 minute break in the morning and a 1 hour lunch break if the student attends a 5 hour session). Please read our Summer 2022 English course timetable below for more information.

The maximum number of hours per week that you can study on the Summer 2022 English language course is therefore 25 hours.

Do you offer accommodation to students attending a Summer 2022 Course? Please note that the school is not at present offering any accommodation although we may be able to suggest a few options. In any case the booking for the accommodation must be made and paid by the student directly.

Do you offer group excursions?

Currently, Queen’s English Language School does not offer any group excursions but we are happy to suggest some places of interest and how to bets travel to London and the surrounding areas.

How many students are in a class during the Summer English courses?

We have up to 8 students in each class. This slightly more that for all-year-round courses to take into consideration the time of year.

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