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Online English Courses


Flexible and on-demand

About the Course

We have been offering online courses for 22 years.

Queen's English Language School has been delivering purely on-line courses since 2000.

It was not something we resorted to during the forced school closure during the pandemic.

What changed was the introduction of more up-to-date resources , specifically designed to be used in on-line teaching. In most cases , you can buy a hard copy of your course book because we adopt the latest version from well-knows publishers which you can easily find.

So if you still prefer to work from a printed book, online learning does not stop that!

Your teacher will always show the page your are working on so it is easy to find your way during the lesson

Course delivery

We teach using Google Classroom and Google Meet. You do not need to have Gmail account to access the resource or join the lesson and during your assessment interview we will show you how this works. There is not special programme to download and a basic knowledge of emails and how to download content is sufficient. You will learn other computing skills during the course such as tool for collaborative work and your teacher will always be there to support you if you need more help

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