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One to One General English Course


On demand

About the Course

Our one-to-one courses are most suited to students who have limited time to study or who need to develop skills for work or study.

After careful assessment, you will be assigned to a teacher who will design the course content taking into account your starting level, your goals and the course duration.

One to one courses can be either online or face to face and offer the flexibility of finding a time that really works for you around your commitments.

You may also have only a few hours a week to study and the option to book your session according to your calendar, is the main reason people choose to study in this way.

If you consider that you are making an investment for your future, the higher price of one-to-one lessons compares well with the price of group lessons, which are just as engaging but have a fixed schedule and may therefore be not run a at a convenient time for everybody.

Materials used are specifically designed for the delivery of one-to-one courses.

If you study online, the version we use is adapted to screen sharing and annotating.

Timetable is flexible but we do not book ½ sessions, only hourly slots , minimum 1h session

Prices: £30 per hour, including materials

Assessment and interview are always required to complete the enrolment.

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