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General English Course


4 Weeks and above

About the Course

What is the minimum age requirement to enrol on the General English course?

All General English course applicants must be aged 18 or over.

What are the class sizes on the General English course?

General English classes here at Queen's English Language School have around 6-8 students per class. Our smaller, yet interactive classes have proven to be effective for our students because it means that you're able to get the correct amount of attention throughout your General English course.

How many hours are there in one General English course lesson?

You can choose between studying for 2 hours, or 3 hours each day (with a 10 minute break in-between if you study 9 am to 12 o'clock ).

Please note: We do not offer courses for students attending less than 4 hours each week.

April to 30 June Timetable for each level

Beginners: Monday 1pm tp 1pm and Thursday 9am to 12 o'clock/ 10 am to 12 o'clock

Intermediate Monday,Wednesday and Friday 9am to 12 o'clock/ 10 am to 12 o'clock

Advanced : Monday , Wednesday and Friday 9am to 12 o'clock/ 10 am to 12 o'clock

Please also refer to our Calendar for Annual Holiday Closure and Special Events

Spring Term 2024 start dates:

April 3rd

Summer Term 2024 start dates: 

June 3rd

Autumn Term 2024 start dates: 

September 2nd

2024 Prices and Payment options

2024 prices and payment options
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