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Cambridge English Exams Preparation Course


Min 12 weeks before exam

About the Course

At Queen's English Language School, our Cambridge English exam preparation courses have been helping students gain a Cambridge English qualification since 2003, meaning that we have lots of experience and good results in guiding students towards Cambridge English exam success.

Our Cambridge English exam preparation courses are great for students who want to sit for a widely recognized English language certification.

What are the class sizes on any Cambridge English exam preparation course?

Class sizes on our Cambridge English exam preparation courses range from around 6-8 students. We like to keep the class sizes on our Cambridge English exam preparation courses quite small because each exam student requires maximum attention, which is what we strive towards giving you.

What is the minimum age requirement to enrol on a Cambridge English exam preparation course?

The minimum age to enrol on a Cambridge English exam preparation course with us is 18.

Important information about how we assess the students wishing to enrol on any exam preparation course

Our track record of successful results attained by students preparing for an exam with us means that we do not advise students to start any exam preparation course unless they have enough time to adequately prepare for it and the required entry level to ensure that enough progress is made during the course. We normally do not accept students on exam preparation courses for less than 12 weeks, unless they have studied on similar courses before coming to us. During the interview, we explain our assessment and advise you on the best course of action if we reckon that joining a General English Course or a combination of General English and Exam preparation course is advisable. You are of course still welcome to apply for the exam if you decide that your personal circumstances do not allow you to wait but you will need to submit your application directly to an exam centre. Support with the application will always be given, regardless and we will always make sure you receive adequate preparation until your exam.

Please download the prices of all of our 2023 English courses and our 2023 timetable here

2023 prices and payment options
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2023 course timetable
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