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Why choose Queen's English?

Having to choose a school for yourself or your child can be a very challenging task. You may be facing questions like: How do I combine my work with my studies? Which school offers the best value for affordable prices? Where can I build strong connections with other students and meet new people?

We believe that at Queen's English Language School we have got answers to these questions. Knowing how easily circumstances and schedules can change, we are working hard to offer you a course that meets your needs at all times and stands out with flexibility. We hope to provide you with courses just as unique as the needs of our students, which is why we offer you a wide range that you can choose from: General or Business English? Online, group or one to one lessons? Maybe just a summer course?

Something that we are especially proud of at our school is how quickly our students connect. The perfect way to settle into a new country is to meet the right kind of people and have someone to share your experiences with. We try to reinforce this by including various group

activities into our lessons and organising group meetings outside of school where anyone can join! It is extremely important to us that everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

We are aware that to properly understand a language, it is also crucial to understand its culture. By combining linguistic and grammar topics with relevant topics that are currently of importance in the UK, you will leave your course well informed in many ways.

Hopefully, this has given you some insight into our school life and made your search for the right school a little easier. We look forward to welcoming you at Queen's English Language School!

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