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Visa Information

As we are accredited, our letter offering a course qualifies students to apply for a Short-Term Student Visa. This allows the student to stay in the country for 11 months and study for 10 months and 2 weeks. In order to for us to process your application please apply only for a minimum of 15 hours a week for the whole duration of 10 months study.



Applying for a Short-Term Visa is an expensive and time-consuming process, therefore we advise all students interested in one of our courses to consider the financial and logistic implications, as you will be required to attend for the hours and days specified in your letter of admission (save for medical reasons) and not be allowed to work. You can check the rules here


We take the law very seriously because it is the only way to ensure that only genuine applicants submit a request to study with us so we do not support applications to courses shorter than 10 months if a student needs to apply for a Short-Term Student Visa.




Payments: we only require a non-refundable payment of £50 to issue the letter and the total cost of the course will become payable as soon as the Visa is granted (Instalments are acceptable via prior agreement).



Whatever the outcome of the Visa application, we need a copy of either the ' vignette' (stamp) on the passport, or letter of refusal for our records.

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