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God Save the Queen, Long Live the Queen

Last month we celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the throne in our own Queens English style.

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned Queen of England when her father passed away back in 1953. Since then, she has become the longest reigning monarch in history, just after Queen Victoria’s 63 years on the throne.

The United Kingdom had a 4-day weekend from Thursday to Sunday with street parties and celebrations galore and Queens English Language School was no different. We got our students together for our own office party and had music, food, cake and our own display of ‘’everything British’’. Our display included teapots and tea, models of red busses and taxis

and we decorated the office with flags and balloons with colours of our Union Jack. We had such a fabulous time with our students chatting about how great our country is and also watching the celebration ourselves. Seeing Paddington Bear having tea with the Queen was definitely a highlight along with the light display.

Queens English had some lovely cakes to enjoy along with our party and made sure both staff and students had a lovely day getting our party hats (and crowns) on, with our students using the English skills that they are learning in class to celebrate this long-awaited 4-day weekend.

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