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General English students' Interview:

Queens English Language School offers a wide range of options when choosing a General English language course including Face-to-face learning and online. No matter your English language level, Queens English Language School in London can help you get to where you want to be. I interviewed two of our students, Marike and Gabriella who are studying with us on the General English course to gain some insights into why they chose Queens English.

1. What made you want to study English?

Marike: ‘’I had to start studying for school so I could take my A-level exams, but also the language fascinates me. You can talk to everyone in the world when you learn English. A second language can engage different parts of the brain and can help you solve certain problems.’’

Gabriella: ‘’English is a universal language and it makes it so much easier to communicate with people. I have a plan to travel to lots of places. If I like a country I might want to study there and English can make it easier for me.’’

2. Why did you choose Queens English?

Marike: I tried 3 different courses but after meeting with Vittoria she was so kind and personal. In our class, we talk about life and things that are going on in the world so it doesn’t seem like studying which means learning is faster learning. I also thought it was a very good price and the level of the class is perfect.’’

Gabriella: I had tried other schools and found some of them quite rude when answering my questions whereas Vittoria wanted to meet with me and she was so kind.

3. What is the best thing about studying at Queens English

Marike: ‘’I think the topics that we discuss during the lesson as you can learn better that way. You can learn better when describing your own opinions. Vittoria is also great at explaining things, especially when learning vocabulary’’.

Gabriella: ‘’Vittoria always pushes us to participate in class so we can all discuss a lot, talking about different topics, and different opinions which is great and helps with the learning.’’

4. How much interaction did you have with other students?

Marike: ‘’I would say my whole social life is from the class, I have made 4 friends that I socialise with. I also interact with some of the people in the other classes. People are just like me, they all want to learn and socialise as well, I didn’t know how special that would be.’’

Gabriella: ‘’It is only my second day at school so I didn’t have much so far apart from in class. it is only my second day so I hope to make more friends this week. We have a WhatsApp group chat so we can communicate there and I will hopefully make more friends this week. People are really nice and friendly here’’

5. How much time per week did you spend studying?

Marike: ‘’At the moment I study around 7 hours a week at school but I am always studying when I practise speaking to people and making English friends.’’

Gabriella: ‘’12 hours at school and 4-5 hours outside school.’’

Thank you to our lovely students. We hope you have gained some insight into life at Queens English and for more information about the General English Course, check out

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