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5 top tips for adapting to London's culture

Moving to a different country can be extremely difficult, especially when you are not fluent in the language. Here are 5 top tips to help you adapt to the culture in London and enjoy your stay.

1. Stay safe! Staying safe is one of the biggest elements of enjoying yourself and adapting to a new culture. Regardless if you are travelling on your own or with a friend, never walk alone at night, or go down empty streets and passageways. You could become a victim of theft or violence so stay wherever the crowd is and make sure any valuables are stored safely away.

2. Be open-minded. Look at everything as a new and exciting adventure. Remember to respect your surroundings as well as people’s values and morals. Use open-mindedness to ask questions and get to know the culture you are exploring.

3. Anxiety is normal. Remember everyone makes mistakes, but this can give you the opportunity to laugh.

4. Try and find other international students. This could be within your accommodation, where you are studying or even whilst you are out exploring. Don’t be shy speaking to new people and try and find like-minded people who can explore with you and share their stories and cultures with you.

5. Be outgoing and open. Finally, enjoy yourself by being outgoing and sociable. Try and speak to locals to find the best places to go to meet new people, make friends and see the beauty of London.

Queens English Language School will be happy to recommend the best spots around Kingston/ London to travel and sightsee. We want everyone to be safe and have the best time while they are studying. Relax and enjoy!

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